The World’s Lightest Mechanical Chronograph


Richard Mille’s RM 50-03 weighs just 40 grams

Richard Mille, in collaboration with McLaren-Honda, the famed Formula 1 constructor, has created the lightest mechanical chronograph ever made.

The RM 50-03 tourbillon split-seconds chronograph ultralight McLaren F1 weighs at a mere 40 grams, including the strap, due to the very special materials used, namely Titanium, Carbon TPT®, and Graph TPT®.

Graph TPT®, more commonly known as graphene, is the real star material of the RM 50-03. Graphene use started from research at the National Graphene Institute, where the material was first isolated by Professor Andre Geim, who later won the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics.

An entirely new material in the world of watchmaking, RM 50-03 is considered a groundbreaking timepiece. Graphene, which is an improved form of Carbon TPT®, is six times lighter than steel and 200 times stronger, resulting in lower carbon composite densities and increased resistance. In RM 50-03, Graph TPT® is used in both the casing and the strap.

Furthermore, RM 50-03’s split-seconds mechanism results in a 50 percent reduction in energy consumption and, in turn, arbor friction. The result is a highly resistant and extremely light timepiece that preserves excellent ergonomics and a unique, striking appearance.

RM 50-03 is a limited-edition watch, produced at only 75 pieces, available only at Richard Mille boutiques. Each watch will be accompanied by a 1:5 model of the McLaren-Honda racing car driving in 2017 by Double-World Champion Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne.

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Published 27th June 2017