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Following the House of Rolls-Royce’s recent announcement of the highest annual results in its 115-year history, the marque reflects on some of 2018’s finest examples of Bespoke engineering, design and craftsmanship. Rolls-Royce shuns mass-luxury ‘tick-box’ options in favour of Bespoke creations that no other manufacturer can achieve.

Each motor car is crafted by hand at the Home of Rolls-Royce, in Goodwood, West Sussex, which is acknowledged and celebrated as a Global Centre of Luxury Manufacturing Excellence.

Phantom ‘Whispered Muse’
Rolls-Royce Phantom ‘Whispered Muse’ is a contemporary masterpiece that reinterprets Charles Sykes’ original drawings of the Spirit of Ecstasy. This remarkable Phantom demonstrates Rolls-Royce’s unrivalled leadership in the art of luxury.

Commemorating the Czechoslovak Squadrons of the Royal Air Force
An impressively creative twist on Dawn delivers an important narrative that pays homage to Czech and Slovak airmen who served in RAF squadrons No. 312 and No. 313 during the Battle of Britain.

Scarcer than Gold – the Ruthenium Phantom Gallery
Another outstanding example of Rolls-Royce’s pinnacle motor car is a highly Bespoke Phantom known as the ‘Gentleman’s Tourer’, which presents an aesthetic carefully tailored for trans-continental Grand Touring.

Silicon Valley meets Black Badge
Google’s Vice President of Engineering and a well-known car enthusiast, Benjamin Treynor Sloss, took delivery of a very personal Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge at 2018’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Élégance.

Phantom in Fuxia
A Bespoke Phantom was delivered in 2018 to renowned collector, Michael Fux, during Monterey Car Week. The Phantom was his eleventh Bespoke model from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, following the ‘Dawn in Fuxia’ that was handed over during Pebble Beach 2017.

The Silver Ghost Collection
In 2018 Rolls-Royce paid homage to the original Silver Ghost with the creation of 35 Bespoke examples – the ‘Silver Ghost Collection’

Adamas – the darker side of contemporary craftsmanship
Rolls-Royce unveiled Adamas in 2018, its first ever Black Badge Collection, comprising 40 Wraiths and 30 Dawns. The character of these motor cars is reflected by the Adamas name, meaning ‘untameable’ or ‘invincible’, with the resilience of a diamond.

Wraith Luminary Collection
This ‘highly charged’ series of just 55 Wraiths presented a world first for Bespoke craftsmanship. On opening the coach doors, the owner is met by a truly innovative statement of modern luxury, with intricately perforated Tudor Oak wood veneers admitting light from an array of 176 LEDs.

Dawn Aero Cowling
2018 saw the transformation of Dawn. A Bespoke, lightweight ‘Aero Cowling’ tonneau cover is fixed in position over the rear seat area, creating a roadster-style motor car that can still be converted to a full four-seater when desired.

Cullinan Viewing Suite
The Rolls-Royce Viewing Suite is automatically deployed at the touch of a button. Two rear-facing, beautifully contemporary, fine leather chairs and a cocktail table gracefully emerge from within the rear compartment.

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Published 12th March 2019