Seven must-have travel trunks

A holiday doesn’t start only when you’ve touched down after a restful flight on board your Embraer Legacy 650. More often than not, it begins when you’re deciding what to pack and which luggage would best suit your needs. And what better way to start off on a high than with a travel trunk into which you can pack everything and which stands out in a class of its own? Travel trunks gained popularity in the 18th century for their ruggedness, but there’s no reason why it should stay a thing of the past. We select seven luxury trunk brands that walk the talk.

1. Globe-Trotter

German-founded, England-based Globe-Trotter comes from a heritage steeped in famous expeditions and royal patronage. Held in high esteem by the British Royal Family, the brand is known for its classic trunks, but is also producing more contemporary offerings, as seen in its collaboration with renowned Kimono manufacturer, Chiso. The five-piece Yuzen collection features trunks ranging from 13 to 33 inches, all of which are handcrafted in Globe-Trotter’s signature vulcanised fibreboard in ivory and natural leather, and inlaid with Chiso’s exclusive screen-printed fabrics.

2. Goyard

Make no mistake; the definitive Y-shaped emblem of Goyard will continue to make its mark in society. First founded as the House of Martin in 1792, the brand sticks to its four product lines; travel foods, small leather goods, pet accessories, and special orders. In particular, their travel goods include carryalls, trunks, trolley cases, and weekenders, each making a statement in their classic brown leathers. Bespoke services are available, and clients have created idyllic champagne and caviar trunks. Why shouldn’t your little luxuries be carried in style?

3. Louis Vuitton

High fashion apparel, jewellery and watches are just some of the things Louis Vuitton is known for. But let’s not forget its signature trunks. Louis Vuitton’s trunks were revolutionary when first introduced — flat sides meant easy stacking, while the water-treated canvas exterior shaved off a good amount of weight. Though the brand has since chosen to shift its focus to other leather products, the trunks are still available on the market. The Louis Vuitton Luggage Set is said to cost over $60,000, perfect for the high-flyer who requires a variety of cases for specific purposes. Should you like your initials for a personal touch, the brand has a 200-man workshop that specialises in made-to-order commissions.

4. Rimowa

This is probably the youngest contender, and most modern luggage trunk on the list. Long gone are the days of the first aluminium trunks; they’ve now made way to welcome the more popular trolley style while keeping its shape and build. Apart form being waterproof and resistant against extreme heat and cold, the polycarbonate material — commonly used in aircraft — is also extremely impact-resistant. If having matching trunks isn’t enough, you can now purchase a plane to go with your luggages. Yes, Rimowa has taken to the skies with private aviation. Called the Rimowa F13, it was inspired by old-school airplanes, and seats four. You’re welcome.

5. Swaine Adeney Brigg

From a business founded on whip-making comes Swaine Adeney Brigg, now a multi-faceted group of businesses. Perhaps the most famous creation from the British company is the Sap Bond Attache, made for agent 007 played by Sean Connery, in From Russia With Love. The spy case is lined in a distinct red skiver lining, and hides rounds of ammunition along with a 0.25 caliber AT7 folding rifle. Modern variations with internal pockets, trolley wheels and handles are also available.

6. T.T. Trunks

French brand T.T. Trunks combines old with new, taking the utilitarian use of historical trunks and combining it with novel ideas of usage. Imagine packing a portable media station, cocktail bar, whiskey-cum-cigar case and even a special hideaway for your most highly prized possessions for a trip. Only three sizes — weekend, travel, and home — are available, but they would be more than sufficient when it comes to meeting needs. The manufacturer has most recently collaborated with Les Airelles and Louis XIII cognac, which means that while you’re on board your flight, it’s most certainly time to drink and be merry.

7. Valextra

Italian-based Valextra has long been in the business of fashion, creating handbags as early as 1937. Back then, its designs incorporated essences of Italy and were thought to be fashionable and revolutionary. Then came the advent of air travel, which saw the need for light, hand-carried cabin bags. That was when the Avietta 48 Hour was born. It soon achieved cult success and earned another name — the Pilot Bag. The case comprises different two compartments with different depths; the first, for travel essentials, and the second, for laptops and business documents. As classic as it gets, the luggage features a lacquered bright red exterior. How’s that for being eye catching?

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Published 5th November 2015