Six Luxury Treatments For Your iPhone

So everyone has a smartphone. Like, everyone. You could even say that smartphones are greatest democratising force in the world today – the same iPhone you may be reading this article on is identical to the one that Kanye West is tweeting on. Well, almost. The innards and the interface might be the same, but people always want to set themselves apart, even with their smartphones. Forget faceplates or pouches, here is how to really make your iPhone one of a kind.

1. Alexander Amosu

Because we are living in a material world. And Alexander Amosu, a luxury designer based in London, obliges with his materially lavish treatments of iPhones. After having crafted 18K gold iPhones and a pastel pink version (for the ladies), Amosu is now bedazzling the smartphone. Not with rhinestones, but with diamonds. 6,127 brilliant cut diamonds to be exact. Named the Amosu Call of Diamond iPhone 6, it would surely cut some ice with the designer’s clientele, which include hip hop stars like 50 Cent and Akon.

2. Anita Mai Tan

Good luck fitting these into your pockets. Jewellery designer Anita Mai Tan turns your iPhone into a bejewelled sculpture. The ‘Dragon’ for example, features an actual sculptured white gold dragon clinging on to the back of the phone, studded with more than 2,200 diamonds, coloured and colourless. The ‘Spider’ features a similar number of diamonds, with subtle symbolism permeating the choice of creatures and the number of gems. The phones come with a chain, and are meant to be worn as a necklace. Slightly uncomfortable, perhaps, but certainly a distinctive fashion statement.

3. Falcon

Some designers choose to stud iPhones with small diamonds. Falcon did the exact opposite. Instead of creating a texture with hundreds of gems, Falcon instead decided to attach a single huge diamond at the back of a gold-plated iPhone. Choose from a selection of massive rocks including sapphires, emeralds, rubies and a whole colour-range of diamonds, with a 7-to-8 digit price to match. Whipping out your phone to take a selfie will never be the same again.

4. Goldgenie

As their name suggests, Goldgenie are wizards with gilding iPhones. From rose gold to 24K gold to platinum, their iPhones are a cool mellow yellow. That’s just the start; as you scale up the price range, Goldgenie iPhones can be emblazoned with Swarovski crystals and diamonds. The Superstar edition is encased in 200 grams of solid 18K gold. Other special editions include a laser-engraved monkey symbol for this Year of the Monkey, and bespoke engravings for private clients.

5. Legend Helsinki

A baroque flourish guides Legend Helsinki and their iPhone treatments. Momentum is their flagship model, looking like the rear of a fancy playing card set, from the diamond shape to the inlays hand-engraved with classic English scroll designs by engraver V. Marrandi. Made of 24K gold, sterling silver and premium-grade crocodile skin, the Momentum also comes with a pair of earpods plated with precious metal, your choice of gold, platinum or rose gold.

6. Gresso

For something is a bit more subtle, a bit more sophisticated, opt for Gresso. The Gresso Regal range uses high-end materials, including gold, but deploys them in a more refined way. Gresso’s solid titanium PVD-coated case comes in three flavours – titanium finish (M1), black titanium/18K white gold (M2) and black titanium/18K yellow gold (M3). Each is a limited edition of 999, engraved with a unique number on the back. Understated and cool, this would be the choice of those favouring discretion over decoration.

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Published 1st April 2016