Smart Surfing

Samsung introduces a Galaxy-powered smart surfboard

When riding the crest of a wave, a surfer probably doesn’t have time to glance down on his board, more preoccupied with adjusting balance and not wiping out. But if the surfer did want to, then Samsung’s Galaxy Surfboard would be perfect. Powered by a Samsung Galaxy S7 that slots into the base of the board, the Galaxy Surfboard has a LED display that displays, among other things, messages of encouragement from Twitter. Bizarre, but cool. More useful information can also be displayed, including live condition of the sea, wind direction and frequency/height of waves. It could even be used as a training device by coaches observing surfers from shore. Advertised with a video created by Leo Burnett, featuring Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina, the Galaxy Surfboard is a fancy fantasy for now, but don’t be surprise if this is a wave of the future.

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Published 29th May 2016