Take A Look inside Malton’s Limited Collection Private Residences in Bangkok’s Restless Areas

From exclusive design with premium materials enhancing happiness to lively and fascinating neighborhood, Malton Private Residences are your prime answers to the needs of absolute luxury and private lifestyle. Developed by a well-known property developer in Thailand, Major Development Plc., it is no surprise that the limited private residences are astonishing to live in.

Let’s get to know some of the fascinating facts about Malton’s Limited Collection Private Residences.





They are located in great locations in Bangkok.

While there are not many private residences located in the busy area of Bangkok, Malton’s Limited Private Residences are stationed in the most exceptional areas of Bangkok, Sukhumvit 31 and Ari. The chance of having a private luxury house in main areas in Bangkok is next to nothing, but Malton just makes it possible.

The combination of indoor and outdoor is just impeccable.

Nestled in a manicured green environment, these deluxe residences encompass elegant interior design and handpicked top-of-class materials. The combination of understated classic grace and contemporary charm creates the ultimate home environment amidst natural surroundings. Besides, outdoor greenery is seamlessly connected to indoor living. The residences comprise two distinct design schemes to select from including the tropical modern loft concept and the elegant French colonial design with modern accents.




Elegance decoration makes it more enchanting to live in.

The beauty of Malton Private Residences can be seen in the Borderless Space concept, creating a fluid flow of space connecting the interior with the exterior. Plus, customized furniture and partitioning create an environment that is both free-flowing and graceful. A selection of elegant colors and unique decorative materials makes the residences an absolute pleasure to live in, while the enjoyment of the garden at Malton is pure bliss.

Privacy at Malton Private Residence is assuredly certified.

Malton Private Residence is a place of absolute privacy as the project is designed to make everyone feel at home. From different corners of the home to the peaceful private garden, there is also a private swimming pool on the upper floor. Your privacy will be enhanced by a sophisticated security system along with a central pathway that keeps each unit private and secure. For convenient access to each level, every residence has its elevator.

Malton deluxe residences are the exceptional properties beyond the dreams of many Bangkokians. Luxuriate in one of these exceptionally harmonious limited-edition residences in the heart of Bangkok at Malton Private Residences Sukhumvit 31 and Malton Private Residences Ari. For private viewing, please contact 02-116-1111.

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Published 30th July 2019