The Undeniable Opulence of Omakase

As one of the world’s most evocative types of cuisine, Omakase pulls back the veil and mystery of Japanese dining and offers an intimate and unforgettable opportunity to experience the full expression of a chef’s artistry and skill. Japanese Omakase when translated means “I will leave it to you" and gives the chef the creative freedom to choose what dishes the customer will eat based on what is fresh, available and in season.

Sushi Misaki Nobu in Silom offers an authentic taste of Edo-style sushi along with an unparalleled Omakase experience you don’t want to miss. At only 27 years of age, Chef Nobuhiro Nagasaki is the protégée of Chef Masahiro Misaki from the original Sushi Misaki in Rain Hill Plaza. He delivers a unique vision that is rooted in the wisdom and heritage of his mentor, but intricacy influenced by the trends and flavors profiles of the present day.

Seasonality is the name of the game, and fresh fish from Japan are delivered three times a week. You will be treated to a stunning 18-20 course menu including appetizers, nigiri sushi, sushi roll, tamago, miso soup, and dessert.

Chef Nobu expertly employs time-tested techniques and skills showcasing the alchemy that happens when fresh seafood is aged, cured, fermented and served raw. The devil is in the details and everything is homemade from the soy sauce to the signature red-vinegar that gives their rice its unique colour and flavour.

Each dish is presented one piece at a time, so you can fully appreciate the virtues and attributes of “the bite". Highlights include the luxurious Creamy Uni & Ikura Risotto, the Yellowtail (Buri), which is dipped into hot water only for a second to enhance its rich fatty flavor and the Kobako-gani which is female snow crab that has had is meat painstaking extracted before being elegantly placed back in the shell for your dining pleasure. The delicate sweetness of the crab is almost ethereal.


One of the most popular dishes is the voluptuous Purple (Murasaki Uni) & Orange Sea Urchin (Bahung-Uni) sushi which delivers a life-altering overload of ice-cold uni delicately balanced on a bed of warm sushi rice. The contrast in temperature is intriguing and the taste of the two different types of uni is seriously satisfying. Deceptively simple, it transcends the sum of its parts is amazingly addictive.

You can also enjoy the scrumptious melt in your mouth Conger Eel (Anago), the firm Red Clam (Aka-gai), the Fatty Tuna (Chu-Toro) and their iconic version of Tamago which is much more like a Crème Brûlée then the traditional steamed egg version.

Ultimately, it’s Chef Nobu himself that makes the Omakase experience here unforgettable. His youthful energy, contagious smile, and generosity of spirit are matched only by his razor-sharp knife skills and attention to detail. It’s a thrilling, yet Zen-like exchange of culture, knowledge, and appreciation for the Japanese cuisine at the highest level. There is something magical about enjoying food that has a story to tell, that you know where and how it was harvested and was flown in fresh on the very same day. It is this experience that makes Omakase so endearing and ultimately connects you to it in an undeniably visceral way.

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Published 17th December 2019