Three men’s shoemakers you should know

Clothes, and shoes, maketh the man. So clad your feet in the best footwear money can buy. Choices are endless, but we at Robb Report Malaysia are fond of hand-made, bespoke examples of cobbler’s trade, and therefore, we’ll let you in one a secret. Or three, as in three of the shoe making world’s best-kept secrets.

1. O’Keeffe

Reinterpreting shoe styles of the 1920s and ’50s, O’Keeffe offers fresh men’s footwear that is the brainchild of owner Maud O’Keeffe. The London-based shoemaker, who founded the company in 2011, prioritises the longevity of the shoe and the comfort of the wearer, ensuring that each handmade pair features a patented Goodyear construction and a lovingly worn look and feel. One of the most popular is the washed-leather hiking boots after ski boots O’Keeffe’s great-grandfather wore and require six weeks to make at the company’s workshop in Le Marche, Italy. 


2. Feit

Minimalist shoes made by Feit have garnered a cult following since 2005, when the Australian brothers Tull and Josh Price started the New York–based company. Created as an alternative to mass-produced sneakers, the footwear styles are made in limited quantities and handcrafted from supple leathers that have been tanned with ingredients from bark, fruit, and other natural sources. The breathable leather helps eliminate odours, making it all the more likely that Feit shoes will be worn as intended: without socks.


3. Bettanin & Venturi 1856

Tradition remains at the heart of Bettanin & Venturi 1856, an Italian brand founded in its namesake year. The company – recently revitaliaed by a capital infusion – is no longer owned by the Bettanins, but family members are still very much involved, and their focus on artisanship continues. Take, for example, the company’s latest classically designed, hand-welted men’s shoes, which are made in its Verona atelier. Distinguishing each shoe are such timeless details as the oak-bark-tanned sole and the unique patina on this calf-leather brogued oxford, a style that can also be made to order in a range of Italian leathers from suede to scotch grain.

Bettanin & Venturi 1856

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Published 30th September 2016