The world’s most expensive fruits

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A few weeks ago, a bunch of grapes sold for ¥1,100,000. With only 30 grapes in the bunch, each grape – the size of a ping pong ball – was worth ¥36,667, an eye-watering price for what must surely be a mouth-watering taste. The Ruby Roman grapes, from Japan, now hold the record for the most expensive grapes ever sold, taking their place among the pantheon of extravagantly priced fruit.

With quest for perfection innate to their culture, it’s little wonder that the Japanese are responsible for all of the fruits on our list of the most expensive fruits, with a notable exception anglais. Fruits are given as gifts in Japan, for honour and social prestige, and therefore must be impeccable. In fact, Sembikiya, the luxury fruit store in Tokyo, looks more like a jewellery boutique than a fruit stall, where nine out of ten fruits sold are not for consumption, but admiration. (Sembikiya is also home to a very popular dessert parlour).

So from grand globes of grapes to splendid slices of sumo oranges, here are the world’s most expensive fruits, where every morsel is worth its weight in gold.


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Published 19th August 2016