Stay connected and up-to-date at Asia’s premier gathering of industry leaders.

The PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit (ARES) is the premier gathering of top-level business leaders and decision-makers to exchange ideas, build partnerships, gain industry insights, and discover the best industry practices in Asia.

The overall theme of ARES 2019 is “Connected Technology" covering the roll out of 5G technology and its impact to smart living, the “Digital Iron Curtain” and ramifications of a tech war, shared economies, smart ecosystems and integrated developments, security measures in smart world, digital marketing, fintech and automation, and innovation from the youth and emerging sectors.

Learn why Asia is in the spotlight at the annual PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit, or ARES, featuring more than 40 well-respected thought leaders and global experts, including The Economist’s Andrew Staples, Eight Inc’s Tim Kobe, MiraLab’s Prof. Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Airbnb’s Mich Goh, IBM’s Petra Bührer, JLL’s Ben Hamley, Stasher’s Catherine Ainsley, TechBurst’s Charles Reed Anderson, and TechCrunch China’s Dr. Gang Lu — plus meet tēmi, the personal AI robot assistant.

The summit’s format is fast-paced: keynote speeches and panel discussions are interspersed with shorter talks and presentations, as well as international networking lunch and coffee breaks, with early evening cocktails to end the day. This is the fifth year of ARES, following a 9-city stop of the original Property Report Congress between 2015 and 2016, the three-city series (Kuala Lumpur–Bangkok–Singapore) of the Asia Real Estate Summit in 2017, and the two-day ARES 2018 in Bangkok.

Get connected at the PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit 2019 — Early Bird tickets are on sale from now till 13 October.

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Published 10th October 2019