The Black Swan Is A Thrilling Torpedo Of A Superyacht

Black Beauty

Rarely is a yacht described as dramatic, yet that is the perfect adjective for the Black Swan Superyacht Concept. Designed by Turkish designer Timur Bozca as ‘the powerful image of an arrow’, the Black Swan is a formidable torpedo of a superyacht that is guaranteed to cut a striking figure at sea or at marina. Midnight black and menacing, it sails to the mental soundtrack of Darth Vader’s March from Star Wars.

The elongated superstructure of aluminium and enforced steel sections the yacht by utility. A helicopter platform takes up the roof of the yacht, with a concealed lift transporting guests into the yacht’s lair, where stark white furniture marks public areas while an earthy brown colour palette defines the private master suite and six guest suites. From the suites, two private balconies running along each side of the bow offer unbroken views of the ocean. The covered areas then flow out to the sun-drenched beach club, dominated by a free-flowing pool that funnels down over a waterfall-like structure to the edge of the stern. If the Black Swan was in a movie, this is where nymph-like models would cavort in the sun, while a supervillain plots nefarious deeds in the sanctity of the captain’s room.

The Black Swan measures 229 feet (almost 70m), with four engines generated up to 23,172hp. Top speed is 28 knots, but the yacht is better served cruising around tropical islands or off Mediterranean coasts at 20 knots.

Black Swan Yacht

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Published 15th July 2016