Diamond island: The secret to a rich and fulfilling life in Vietnam

Diamond island in Vietnam

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One of the hottest trends in Vietnam’s real estate market is riverside living. Waterfront projects are becoming the preferred choice among the affluent, who want a quiet space that’s away from the bustle and pollution of urban life for their families, especially for children.

A number of riverside projects are available on the market, but only one can boast of having a unique location. Situated in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City’s District 2, Diamond Island sits on a natural island and has three sides facing the Saigon and Giong Ong To rivers. It takes just 15 minutes by car or 10 minutes by water taxi to get to District 1, Ben Thanh Market and a host of shopping and entertainment centres. Residents can also enjoy a vast array of amenities at their doorstep as Diamond Island also has its own 2,300sqm swimming pool, barbecue area, riverside park, a 200m-long marina and security and medical services that are available 24/7. Healthy living is also encouraged via the provision of a football field, tennis and basketball courts and a golf course. In addition, nature lovers will be in their element here as more than 86.5 per cent of the eight-hectare island is dedicated to verdant landscaping, which includes a Zen garden.

“Customers looking for a living space at Diamond Island respect family values and nature. Green space and scenic beauty make Diamond Island unique from other residential projects. When residents see young ones playing on the lawn, they realise that this is a healthy living environment for their children," says Sergey Nam, deputy director of Kusto Home, which is the developer behind Diamond Island.

Another unique feature of Diamond Island is its architecture. Conceived by Japanese architectural master Arata Isozaki, Diamond Island embraces a honeycomb structure that maximises ventilation and light exposure in every corner of the home. Isozaki also employed an artistic blend of white, light and dark grey across the facade to simulate the image of a mountain, which can be used as a landmark to help pinpoint Diamond Island’s location.

With all these features, it’s easy to see why Diamond Island claims to be the most livable place in Vietnam’s largest and fastest booming city. Phase II of Diamond Island was launched by the owner and contractor Coteccons in April this year. The Hawaii Tower of this phase, which houses 177 luxury apartments ranging from 50sqm to 450sqm, will be available for sale in this year’s third quarter with more incentives for customers.

Diamond Island

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Published 7th September 2016