Paris has the best fine dining airport restaurant in the world

I Love Paris, and so do you

It seems fitting that the best fine dining airport restaurant in the world should be in Paris. Poetic, almost. But ‘I Love Paris’, located at Terminal 2E of Charles de Gaulle Airport did not clinch the title on poetry; it clinched it on the strength of Chef Guy Martin’s menu.

I Love Paris, which opened its (terminal) doors last year, offers a touch of classic French haute cuisine for finicky gourmands departing and passing through the airport. Favourites include traditional dishes like blanquette de veau (veal ragout) and pot-au-feu, along which more contemporary fare like vegetarian burgers and mango carpaccio. I Love Paris edged out the Gordon Ramsay outpost at Paris’ traditional rival, London, though Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food at Heathrow did receive an honourable mention.

Would sir like a roasted monkfish before sir’s flight, then?

I Love Paris by Guy Martin

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Published 5th August 2016