Bespoke bag and accessories brand roserose has launched its new collection Phénix, using surplus materials discarded by the world’s major luxury fashion labels that otherwise would have gone to waste. Developed by French native and long-term Thailand resident Armelle Cohen, the new collection highlights her concern with the pollution that the fashion industry has been contributing to the planet.

Fast fashion has dominated and reshaped the fashion industry since the 1990s, and has been a major driver of the industry’s enormous greenhouse gas emissions and devastating environmental impact. It is estimated that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, generating 4% of the world’s waste each year, equivalent to 92 million tons. By far, the largest quantity of waste is generated during the cutting process, which for leather goods, can range between 25 to 60%.

“We, therefore, decided to buy surplus leather and skin pieces, which have been discarded by the world’s famous luxury brand name fashion houses, and use them in our creations; hence, the name “Phénix" or “Phoenix" in English," Ms. Cohen commented. “Our discerning customers can enjoy owning handbags and accessories made from the same beautiful leather that reputable brand name designers are using at a more affordable price."

All roserose bags and accessories are produced at Ms. Cohen’s own workshop in Bangkok by expert Thai craftsmen. Apart from already using materials from sustainable sources, by further using these unwanted leather and skin scraps, Ms. Cohen is passionate in her stance in favour of a more responsible environmental awareness and taking action against over-production in the fashion industry. She is not alone is this crusade as almost 150 major luxury brands have already signed a Fashion Pact this summer to take action in lowering impact on the environment.

The Phoenix is significantly meaningful for the brand – a powerful mythical bird which is the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal, which ‘dies’ each night only to be reborn in the morning just like the leather and skins, which have been thrown away, but have come back to life as lasting and unique pieces. “Fashion is indeed, by nature, an endless renewal", added Ms. Cohen.

Apart from her showroom at Galerie Adler in Charoen Krung Soi 45, Roserose collections can be purchased through her website: and at Another [email protected] in Bangkok, Endless Summer and Hotel Surin in Phuket, as well as several boutique shops in Paris, France.

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Published 28th October 2019