Robb Reader DAVID KEEL The HYT front man

A Rock Star at Heart

The HYT front man David Keel speaks to RRTH Editor about life, rock star watches, and his plans to conquer Asia.

RRTH: You are a man of many hats. How would you describe your life journey ?

DK: I was educated the Asian way with My mother being Vietnamese. Although I my career took off in South America and the US, what really touched me was the Asian culture. There is so much potential, perspectives, and philosophy. After a few years teaching in Japan, I was recruited by the Richmond Group. That’s where I started crafting my after sales skill. Post at AP followed, and that’s where I figured the mindset about dealing with big brands and learn to think different. I learned to adopt to the market. MCT was my first independent experience, something I always wanted to do. HYT then reached out to me and offered the current challenge.

RRTH: Independent watches are gaining serious popularity especially in the Asian region. What’s your view and what do you plan to implement?

DK: It’s all about the adventure. If you don’t dare you won’t gain new experience. I’m an entrepreneur, I like to initiate and show how things can be done differently. HYT doesn’t have as big fundings as the big brands do, but we express our passion to the customers, and they feel it. I care about the relationship with my customers. It’s more like friendship actually. I always think of what I can bring more to them. We are stronger in China, and Thailand is right there, as we now have our boutique in Paragon.

RRTH: Besides the cutting edge technology, Why should a man own an HYT?

DK: We are doing something outside the box. HYT is the only brand which develop a totally groundbreaking technology. Merely six years after the company was founded, it was the time for us to penetrate Asia. A man who owns HYT definitely is an entrepreneurial man. His philosophy has to be different. He wants something most people don’t have on their wrists. the HYT men are about being discreetly out of the crowd.

RR: What can we expect to see from you in 2019?

DK: Interruption is my masterplan. 2019 is about new product collection. HYT collections operate somewhat like Star Wars saga, there are various chapters in our timepieces. We are going back to our roots with the development of H0, by highlighting the complication, and extending the complication and take it to the next level. H5 and H6 are also in the pipeline.

RR: What’s your favorite passion besides watches ?

DK: Besides tennis, I love reading and discovering Asian cultures. I enjoy various arts, it’s the philosophies behind the arts that drives me towards understanding each country better and enable me to work better with my customers, many of whom become my friends. I love people, and I give them trust, and in return they appreciate it. HYT was not known six years ago in Thailand, and the only reason why we are here today is the help from friends , not business.


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Published 5th April 2019