Your Invitation to Participate in Robb Report Thailand’s Best of the Best Awards 2023


Robb Report Thailand’s Best of the Best Awards 2023

We are pleased to announce that Robb Report Thailand’s Best of the Best Awards 2023 is now opening for nomination!

The awards experts have been working carefully and are dedicated to hand pick companies that are in the best in their class to send the great news of this year’s awards nomination to high performing companies to enter for the awards nomination.

Considering your company’s high standard meets our criteria, we would like to invite you to review the timeline and steps below to officially enter the Robb Report Thailand’s Best of the Best Awards 2023 nomination.

Date Process
Now – 1 July 2023 Enter the awards nomination via this link

15 July 2023 Shortlist Announcement for Best of the Best Awards 2023
31 August 2023 Best of the Best Awards 2023 Announcement & Ceremony

1. Nomination
A large part of the nomination process is driven by Robb Report Thailand’s Best of the Best Awards research experts, we spend a great amount of time identifying potentially suitable candidates within their appropriate markets according to guest reviews of all the top search engines.

Our task is to choose the best companies in each category from the Luxury segment and tell the consumers about them. If you are interested in nominating your organization to one of our awards, please fill in the form from this link Nomination Link for 2023

2. Shortlist
During the shortlisting stage each company will be measured against the selection criteria in more detail.

During the shortlist stage we may ask you to provide further evidence or information to support and represent you in the most favorable way.

The selection criteria for your category will include reputation, past awards, other accreditations, quality, and value of services amongst other things.

Once we have confirmed the shortlisted companies, we will send an invitation to join our Robb Report Thailand’s Best of the Best 2023 Winners Announcement & Celebration Night as well as Robb Report Best of the Best Packages.

3. Winners Announcement & Celebration
An awards ceremony to announce the winners and celebration will be held on 31st August 2023 at Chatrium Grand Bangkok.

There can be up to 3 winners in each category, although it is more usual to be one or two. All announcements are made digitally, online and across our network. The winners marketing toolkits will be provided to the winners to announce their success to the world.

Winner Privileges:

1. Prestige & Acclamation
Be the recipient of esteemed recognition and a grand celebration of superiority.
2. Pan-Regional Publicity
Relish in the extensive marketing campaigns and promotions of the Robb Report Thailand’s Best of the Best Awards.
3. Expansion of High-End Clientele
Introduce your brand to an exclusive market teeming with affluent patrons.
4. Association with the Crème de la Crème
Forge connections with the premier luxury brands on both local and global stages.
5. Enhanced Patron Allegiance
Amplify customer fidelity, nurturing a deeper bond with your brand.
6. High-Profile Audience Engagement
Elevate your brand’s visibility amongst a distinguished audience, stimulating awareness and interest
7. Amplified Brand Esteem
Consolidate your brand’s credibility, enhancing its reputation in the luxury sector

Nominate Your Company to Win Best of the Best Award 2023 Now!

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Published 15th May 2023