Margy Lombard is a legend in the field of anti-aging cosmetics, renowned for treating the elite at her spa in Monaco, which opened in 1988.

Now, for the first time ever, her pioneering products and facial treatments are available in Thailand.

Launched late last year, the Peninsula Spa is helping guests to maintain healthy and glowing skin with four treatments by Margy’s Monte Carlo. The comprehensive facials are part of the opulent spa’s “Health & Harmony" program, which strengthens the links between body and mind in a holistic effort to boost a person’s sense of wellbeing

That’s why, for many spa-goers, both male and female, these treatments are the perfect complement to meditation, yoga or even sound therapy sessions.

Incorporating unique, biomimetic formulas, Margy’s products contain all the components of our skin. By replenishing and strengthening the skin with these components the effect is to reverse the most visible signs of aging. When the products, designed in Switzerland with Swiss-made ingredients, are combined with her award-winning therapy techniques, the results prove how effective this tandem is in facing down – and eroding – the ravages of time.

Of the four upscale treatments on offer, the hour-long Illuminating Facial is tailor-made to give guests brighter skin that also lightens skin complexion and restores radiance. For those who’d like a collagen boost there is the hour-long Firming Collagen Facial. This facial treatment helps to smooth fine lines and bestows a wealth of anti-aging benefits on guests. In contrast, the Super-Lift Haute Couture Facial is a 90-minute treatment that helps restore elasticity and leaves the skin plumped and luminous through the use of a facemask containing collagen.

The longest and most expensive treatment is the two-hour Age Reversal Facial, an active collagen facemask treatment designed to help restore elasticity and enhance skin radiance. The treatment incorporates three firming masks and three rejuvenating facial massages to produce exceptional results after the very first treatment.

As in the West, where stars like Tina Turner, Sharon Stone and Claudia Schiffer swear by Margy’s products, the Peninsula Spa is drawing an A-list clientele of big businesspersons and celebrities who need to look their best for big events or realize their faces are their fortunes.

For more information and reservations, please contact The Peninsula Spa at +66 (2) 020 2888 or email [email protected]


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Published 21st February 2020