Jump! For the Richard Lange Jumping Seconds timepiece

Still the one

Among the crop of this year’s horological talking points, is this 39.99mm platinum timepiece. Limited to only 100 pieces, the Richard Lange Jumping Seconds (€78,000/RM348,500) boasts a zero-reset function and harnesses constant force via the new L094.1 manufacture calibre. The genius of this creation and its abilities lies within a superb construction of micro mechanics. A wheel train transmits uniform bursts of energy from the barrel to the balance in one-second intervals. At the same moment in time, this energy flow is regulated through the constant-force device – which compensates for the waning force of the unwinding spring, as well as offsetting torque fluctuations on the jumping seconds.

The resulting imagery is a singularly magnificent sight of a precisely jumping seconds hand – crisp, sharp and unerring. This mechanism, in fact, recalls the 1867 ‘one-second movement with a jumping hand’ by founder Ferdinand Adolph Lange, whose invention duly received a patent by the Imperial Patent Office.

A. Lange & Söhne

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Published 27th August 2016