Tee-off in style with Bentley’s ultra high-end golf clubs

A drive to remember

Research by Bentley indicates that nearly 80 percent of its clients love golf. The natural next step, therefore, is for Bentley to produce a set of golf clubs itself, extending a trend that has seen luxury carmakers move into diverse fields, from fashion to food.

This being Bentley, the golf clubs are no ordinary golf clubs. Partnering with Professional Golf Europe, a set of eight Bentley-branded irons starts at US$3,500. Revealed in February and available from September, additional clubs include a driver (US$750) and a flat stick (US$500), bringing the base price for a set of ten near US$5,000.

FEATBentley-Golf-Clubs_1Why settle for just the base, though? Bentley has a whole suite of add-ons and premium that ratchet up the luxury quotient, including alligator skin grips and US$800 ball markers. Signature Bentley detailing, from the distinctive knurling and diamond quilting, pepper the clubs and luggage sets. The clubs themselves are made in Ichikawa, Japan, hand-forged in iron using technique that date back to the samurai. At the highest-end, the club shafts will be entirely bespoke from materials more commonly used in space craft that are customised to each golfer’s game data, running up to US$120,000 each.

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Published 17th August 2016