Top 5 Rejuvenative Spa Treatments to Try in 2016

From colloidal gold treatments to lymphatic draining massage that reshapes facial contours, an afternoon at the spa will never be the same. We scoured the region’s top wellness sanctuaries to uncover treatments that make you look as good as you feel.

1. Anantara Chiang Mai

The Kerry Hill–designed Anantara Chiang Mai with its artful building proportions and minimalist design is a visual masterpiece located on the bank of the Ping River. The resort’s spa is equally aesthetically inclined: interiors are both calming and arrestingly beautiful. As for the therapies, the spa makes full use of the Elemis product range as part of its spa offerings, amongst which is a recommended treatment: the Elemis Collagen Quartz Lift Facial, which effectively reduces wrinkles by 94% and improves the skin’s elasticity by 57%.  The 75-minute treatment does not involve machines, needles or aesthetic equipment. Rather, it relies on the skilled hands of a well-trained therapist.

2. Four Seasons Golden Triangle

With its bamboo forest setting, the open-air Jungle Spa at the Four Seasons Golden Triangle marries a pristine natural setting with therapies originating from around the region. This includes the opulent Sacred Burmese Gold treatment. Comprising five steps, the therapy matches boswellia, a known anti-ageing ingredient with other elements of the earth including silk cocoons for exfoliation, bio-hyaluronic acid to plump up the skin and colloidal Burmese gold to infuse deep into the skin’s cells using an ultrasound device. Needless to say, the results are worth their weight in gold.

3. Phulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve

The 90-minute Espa Age Defying Facial
at the spa in Phulay Bay is a popular choice among guests at Phulay Bay as it powerfully combines the skilful techniques of well-trained therapists with the internationally renowned custom cosmetics brand Espa. As with treatments that offer tangible results, the therapists work in unison with the skin products. Precise facial lymphatic massage techniques along with award-winning skin products make for staggering results.

4. W Retreat Bali

W Retreat Bali’s 24-hour Away spa might be just the spot for a post-party beauty SOS treatment if one has spent too much time at Seminyak’s many night spots. The spa’s stellar Idebenone Complex Exclusive Spa Facial is its most effective and popular therapy for both women and men, designed to promote lifted facial contours and luminous, glowing skin after just 60-minutes. Therapists also concentrate on the hands and neck, adding rejuvenating massages in both areas into mix. This restorative treatment unveils brighter and more toned skin, and depending on your lifestyle, the effects will last approximately 10 days. 

5. The Peninsula, Hong Kong

At The Peninsula, Hong Kong’s
spa, one of its recently launched and popular treatments manifesting quick results is the Instant Light Complexion Facial by Margy’s of Monte Carlo. Inspired by the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, this sophisticated treatment hones in on the miracle-inducing properties of gold, transmitted via electro-acoustic signals and ions with a 24-carat gold chain mask that works deep into the epidermis, stimulating skin cell activity, using advanced technology and a software programme that illuminates, detoxes, activates or renews the skin. The treatment uses monopolar radio frequencies and ultrasound that effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and tightens skin.

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Published 19th June 2016