Three masters of materials

  • Three masters of materials

The simplicity of marble, wood and glass may not seem impressive to the layman, and it takes the skill of experts, honed through decades, to unlock the potential of these seemingly humble materials. We speak to three furniture brands that are masters of materials, each with its own unique formula, processes and skills to create one-of-a-kind products destined to impress all who lay eyes on them.

1. Giorgetti

It was in 1898 that Luigi Giorgetti founded Giorgetti in Meda, Italy. The brand is rooted in history and renowned for its woodworking artisans. As much as it respects its rich history, the company has to move with the times. Today, it invests a great deal in technological innovation and humanistic approach in design, Most of all, Giorgetti understands wood very well. It has a profound knowledge of wood, its versatility, its unique character and more importantly, reducing waste and respecting the environment.

2. Marsotto Edizioni

With two centuries worth of marble expertise, Verona-based Marsotto Edizioni is one of Italy’s most recognised brands in marble furniture. Using patented technological processes to create one-of-a-kind marble products, this venerable company has come a long way. The brand’s wide range of products are made from white Carrara marble. Although Mario and Costanza Marsotto may have dedicated their lives to their historic family business, they only formed the company in 2009 under the art direction of James Irvine. Today, the brand is proud to showcase striking furniture works designed by the world’s most pre-eminent designers and architects such as Nendo, David Chipperfield and Alberto Meda, Jasper Morrison, Konstantin Grcic, Naoto Fukasawa and Ross Lovegrove, to name a few.

3. Glas Italia

Established in Brianza, Italy in 1970, Glas Italia built its foundation from humble beginnings. The organisation never rests on its laurels – constantly looking out for new inspiration, a willingness to be open about new techniques in glass innovation and always learning about the versatility of glass and subtle nuances in its manufacturing processes. This family business has a wealth of experience since it started out as an old glass factory.

With its recent technological innovations in glass manufacturing, the company has created some of the most mind-boggling designs, all through its engagement with renowned designers such as Jasper Morrison, Patricia Urquiola, Philippe Starck, Jean-Marie Massaud and Piero Lissoni, to name a few. No longer limited to just plain, transparent glass, Glas Italia now offers products stained with rich hues of pink, green, yellow and blue, while other recent technological developments allow glass products to emanate a shimmering effect depending on how light catches it or where the product is placed at home. From gravity-defying designs to shapely contours and delicate, colourful forms, Glas Italia is an indisputable expert in glass manufacturing.

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Published 9th August 2016